Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Looking for shps

I spent the vast majority of today looking for shapefiles for the municipalities of Bavaria and Austria. Finding one for Bavaria (actually for all Germany) wasn't too difficult. But finding one for Austria was impossible.

I found municipality shapefiles for some areas of Austria, but not for the whole country. The area I was particularly interested in was Tirol, and I couldn't find any municipality shapefiles for it. The best I found was an online map of the municipalities for Tirol.

Possibly I can extract an SVG from this map (though it doesn't seem the boundaries are made of many points - i.e. they may not be very accurate). I could then add this as an overlay into Google Earth, and use it for boundary determination. I'd then need to check on the online map to see the name of the municipality.

Well, maybe tomorrow I will check some online maps, just to make sure they don't display municipality boundaries before I try all that work.

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