Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cleaning a PC keyboard

This morning my keyboard stopped working. I couldn't get it working despite trying various sets of batteries including one set I knew definitely had lots of power, and despite restarting the computer. I would guess that the wireless part (either in the receiver connected to the PC, or the transmitter in the keyboard) has stopped working.

I found an old PS2 keyboard in the garage, but it was quite dirty. After checking that it worked okay, I pulled all the keys off it to give it a clean.

Pulling off all the keys took quite a while. Cleaning each key took quite a while. I also soaked them in bleach solution for 2 hours. Then I rinsed them, and had to dry each key. Finally I had to put each key back in the correct position. Thankfully I still had my old keyboard to use as a reference. But the new keyboard has 3 extra keys, and I didn't know what order they went in. However, I think I have put them back in the correct positions. (2 of the keys don't seem to do anything, the other one hibernates the PC.

In the evening, I looked into the MYN style photography a bit more. Mostly just looking at the clamps used to hold the background / diffuser. It wasn't clear to me what sort of socket the Manfrotto 170 Spring clamp uses as it's connection point. People were also talking about adding a mini-ballhead for flash, and I couldn't see how you'd do that either.

In the end I found that my Nikon Justin clamp can be attached to a 1/4" thread by putting the thread through a small hole in the clamp handle, then tightening a 1/4" nut onto the thread inside the handle. Quite hacky, but lets me experiment without buying more equipment. I'm pretty sure I am going to have to buy the 237HD arm though.

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