Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Finished run 1

Well, I think I must have finally finished updating my old photo tips articles to use locally hosted images instead of images hosted on flickr. I haven't gone through all the posts, but the last 5 posts or so I've checked all had the images hosted on the same server as the site already. So I don't think it's really worth going through the rest of the posts just to check.

It's taken me at least a couple of weeks to do this with very little time spent doing anything else. And I wasn't even updating the text of the articles, taking more relevant / better photos, adding links, or adding pinterest-friendly title images. This all still needs to be done. Plus, some (maybe even most) of the articles that already have the images hosted on the same server could still do with the images renaming and better alt descriptions adding for better SEO.

But this work is not so urgent. Hopefully I can do it at a rate of one or two articles per week, but that might be pushing it.

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