Monday, 20 January 2014

Photography setuping

It was nice and frosty this morning, so I took a few frosty photos in the back garden.

After that I looked up using a metal cold shoe with a flash. I have a hotshoe to PC adapter that also features a metal cold shoe on top. Most cold shoes are either plastic, or have a plastic centre area (where the trigger pin of the flash rests). Having a solid metal one seemed like it would just short the flash.

According to this thread: Can a metal cold shoe really short out a flash? a metal cold shoe will short the flash, but won't permanently break the flash. The recommendation is to cover the metal with tape. So I did this with my one. According to the thread, some old flashes didn't have a hot foot, and this is why some cold shoes are made of solid metal.

Most of today I spent trying to work out how to do MYN style photography with as little equipment as possible.

In the evening I watched Winter Watch on TV.

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