Thursday, 9 January 2014


This morning I 'wrote' an article for my photo tips website. I didn't really write it though as I'd already written it a while back. I just added some Amazon pics and took a title photo for it, then it was finished. For the rest of the morning and quite a bit of the afternoon I prepared my pog website update.

After that I went out to take some photos. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I didn't take a spare with me, so I only got one photo done. I did check the battery before I left, and it was nearly full. The perils of using cheap third party batteries I think.

In the evening I carried on updating old articles on my photo website to use 'local' copies of the images in them, rather than ones served by flickr's servers. And also adding the CC licence details below each image. I think so far it's taken me about a week to do about one third of the posts. A very boring job, but it needs doing.

I did bid on a Canon 500mm f/4.5 L FD lens today, for £447.48. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I got outbid, and it went to someone for the next bid up, £457.48. Of course, you can't tell how much the other person had put their maximum bid at. So you can't really say that if I'd bid £20 more I would have won it. I might have had to bid £500 more to win it.

I did research the lens before bidding, it was a new FD version, and is apparently nearly as good as the modern versions.

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