Thursday, 9 October 2014

Broken HD (again)

Yesterday I was still fixing website issues that I'd uncovered during my stats checking on Tuesday. This morning I couldn't start up my Ubuntu VM that I do all my web dev work on. Thankfully all (or nearly all) the work that I'd done yesterday I'd uploaded to the live sites. So if the VM image had become corrupted, then I wouldn't loose much work, it was just be a bit annoying trying to synchronise back the changes I made from the webserver.

I tried one of the other VMs I use for testing IE, but that wouldn't work either. In both cases the VM would start up, but then it would be very slow and stay on the loading screen for quite a while. Then you'd get an error about not being able to read the VM image.

I ran an Extended SMART test on the drive the images are stored on, and tried restarting the PC too. But the test came out okay and the problem persisted after a switch off and switch on again. So I thought the only recourse left was to do a Secure Erase.

But this exacerbated problems, and now the drive seems not to work at all. The computer won't even start up when it's plugged in. So I sent a message off to Sandisk support to see if they can help figure out the problem and how to fix it.

So dealing with that took up quite a bit of the morning. I also made a walnut cake in the morning, and had a slice for lunch. It's okay, but the icing would have been better if I'd halved the margarine amount and added the equivalent amount of icing sugar instead. Plus added more vanilla. (The recipe was for a coffee and walnut cake, I just made it without the coffee and with vanilla extract instead).

In the afternoon I prepared my pog website update.

In the evening I'm not sure what I was doing! It went by so quickly. I think I must have spent most of it just reading about photons and whether they 'exist' or not.

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