Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Trying to setup a Vagrant box

This morning the weather was sunny, so I went out on a walk to take a few photos. I would have preferred a few clouds in the sky, but sun was the main thing I wanted. It was actually pretty hot, even in my T-shirt.

In the afternoon I geo-coded and processed a few of the morning's photos. Then I carried on trying to get a vagrant box set up, which I started yesterday.

The first issue I had was that there was no ssh on my system. So I had to install git and add its bin dir to the %PATH% environment variable.

But with that done I still couldn't get Vagrant working. I followed the tip here: Vagrant stuck connection timeout retrying to modify the VagrantFile so that the VM would be opened in a VirtualBox window. That showed that the VM booted up with no issues. When I tried Vagrant ssh nothing would happen and cmd would just go onto a new line.

I found someone with a similar issue here: Nothing happens when I type "vagrant ssh", though their vagrant up appears to work okay rather than getting an ssh connection timeout as I was. Reading more suggestions in the stack overflow thread, and this comment in particular, I found the solution - downgrade VirtualBox to 4.3.12. After doing this Vagrant up works with ssh connection issues and subsequently Vagrant ssh will ssh into the VM successfully.

Hopefully this will let me drop my VMWare Ubuntu machine and work from windows with the lighter weight Vagrant VM instead. I'll need some time to learn and practice before I can know whether this will actually be practical or not.

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