Saturday, 18 October 2014

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I finally received my replacement hard drive today, I ordered it on the 11th, so it took a week to arrive. The postage actually only took one day, but it was only dispatched yesterday. I ordered through Flubit, and the deal provider was given as Fireworks Express (eBuyer).

Looking at Flubit, and how it works, companies sign up with Flubit and for each product they stock, set the price they are willing to sell at. When you request an offer through Flubit, Flubit than takes this base price and adds on a bit for themselves, which gives you the offer price. This doesn't really make too much sense for me, why don't the companies sign up with Flubit just sell at that price level anyway, and then they would also take the 'extra' that Flubit adds on for themselves.

Maybe it's just that most people don't use Flubit, and so if you can sell a product at a higher profit level normally, and just reduce your profit for a few transactions through Flubit, then it makes sense to keep your standard price high. Assuming my hard drive came from eBuyer, it was a lot cheaper than they sell the item for on their website. If they made a profit on the drive they sold to me, with Flubit taking a cut, they must make massive profits on sales through their website.

Another thing with Flubit is about who Fireworks Express are (which was the company providing my order through Flubit) - they are a company owned by Flubit. Fireworks Express has links with 800 companies, and is used to provide products that other merchants aren't covering. What I don't understand is that they seem to work in exactly the same way as Flubit itself works. Why have a company within Flubit that works with 800 companies and Flubit itself also working with X number of companies? Why don't all the companies just sign up with Flubit, since surely signing up to work with Fireworks Express is exactly the same?

Kudos to Flubit though for openly and transparently explaining how they work and who the mystery Fireworks Express are. (I got the above info from the Flubit website).

Yesterday I watched Jurassic Park with Billy, and today we watched The Lost World. It definitely isn't as good as "Jurassic Park" (so many great one-liners), but still pretty good. I really liked the bit near the start where a woman on the island sees her daughter getting eaten by dinosaurs and screams, then it cuts to Jeff Goldblum with a blue sky and palm trees behind him, but the scream continuing. He steps away and you realise the background behind him was just a poster, and he's in a tube station - the screaming sound is the train brakes. Just genius.

Doesn't Steven Spielberg mean Steven Game Mountain?

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