Friday, 23 November 2007

Cold Ashby

This morning me and rad went on a walk near Cold Ashby, which was appropriately named as it was very cold. We were originally going to go on a walk somewhere else, but the road was closed. It was nice weather today, whereas the rest of the week has been rainy & cloudy. The ground was still wet and muddy on most of the walk. After the walk we stopped off at the Battle of Naseby viewpoint for a few minutes to have a look.

When we got home we had lunch. At the end of lunch when granny was getting up, Moohar said to granny "Do you want to put your tissue in the bin before you leave?" and Granny said "Do I want to get in the bin before I leave?!?" and she said that Moohar was very cheeky for asking her if she wanted to go in the bin. I just laughed and then granny said "thank you david for supporting me". Then Moohar pretended to cry and granny said "really, laughing at me". It was totally funny, especially why would Moohar ask her if she wanted to get in the bin? When I told Yumpt when he got home he said that it was like what would happen in a dream.

After lunch I cleaned my monitor with a wet wipe and re-calibrated it using the Spyder2. Then I went on Mario Galaxy, and I managed to get the last green Luma and also enough stars to fly to the center of the galaxy. At 3pm I had to go and pick up Ben from school, and after we got home I went on Mario galaxy again, trying to get the stars from the green luma Trial galaxy. After that I went to the center of the galaxy, and me and Ben took swap goes to beat Bowser and I think Ben beat him on his 2nd go. Yumpt came home just as the credits were starting, when they had finished and I had saved we put Guitar Hero 3 on which Yumpt got today and we all had a go on that, and Ben was even raddisher than me!!

After that it was dinner time so we ate dinner then I had to do the washing up as usual. After dinner just went on photo websites then went to bed.

Breakfast: Grapefruit jam toast sandwich; cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cheese on toast; Peppered ham with mustard sandwich; 2x cherry tomatoes; pear; satsuma; cup o' tea.
Dinner: Battered fish with malt vinegar & black pepper; peas; potatoes. For pudding we had sultana cake with custard.

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