Sunday, 18 November 2007


Got up, had a wash etc. then woke up Ben to have breakfast with him. After breakfast went on Wii fitness.

Went on my comp for a bit, working on a pano from Seaford Head. Went to Church, granny wanted to go so we were late since she gets up quite late. It was raining so I drove to the Church and then Me, Yumpt and Ben went into church while Moohar drove the car to the Sainsbury's car park to park. After Church Moohar said me, yumpt and Ben could run away so we did, it was still raining so I pulled my coat over my head like Ben does with his jumper for the chicken dance. Quite a few people saw me so that was skilk 103.2. When we got home we had to wait for age-cheese since we don't have a key.

After church, did more pano editing, then ate dinner. After dinner did more pano editing, then ate tea. After tea did more pano editing and finished the Seaford head ones. It started snowing, which was skilk 103.2. Then Yumpt asked me to put some different songs on my ipod that he's borrowing to listen to when he walks to/from work. So I started itunes, but then it had to determine gapless playback information for all the songs in the itunes library (27938) so it made my PC totally slow while it was doing that.

So I couldn't do any proper work so I just copied across the pics from my D200 that I took recently and found that I had left it in JPEG mode from when I tried making a timelapse, also I had left the ISO set at 200 from the walk I did with rad the other day. I don't think I took any pics after that walk that mattered about the ISO being 200 though. Annoying about not shooting RAW, although hopefully not too much of a problem. I organised the pics into relevant folders, but couldn't do much processing (mainly exposure blending a couple of panos) because itunes is making my PC too slow.

Also, I am currently using Everest Ultimate edition (demo) to monitor my CPU temperature and for quite a while it said the temperature was 81-82, which had me worried (it's normally between 35-45 and the CPU was hardly being used at all), but now it says 1 so I think Everest must just be broke. Glad I didn't pay any money for a rubbish program, although would be useful it worked since then I could overclock and check it doesn't make things too hot.

Unfortunate-la-piece-of-cheese, although its still snowing it looks like the snow on the ground is thinner and sad bad rad de pad dad said that on the weather it said that most or all of the snow will be gone by tomorrow morning. Typical Bipical!

Also today, as per normal I went on the pinternet loads, mainly just photography websites while waiting for PTGUI to stitch, Pano2QTVR to process panos, & Photoshop to load/save.

Breakfast: Grapefruit marmalade toast sandwich; cup o' tea.
Dinner: Curry with rice. Orangeade. Pudding was a slice of cheapo shockolate chicken swiss roll and also some raspberry ripple ice cream. Coffee.
Tea: 2x Cheese on toast; mince pie; satsuma; cup o' tea.
Supper: Mince pie; hot chocolate.

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