Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This morning I decided to check the web server logs to see if there were any problems with my sites. But I found that awstats hadn't been updating as I had forgotten to update the awstats config files when I moved the log files location.

After updating the config files, I got awstats to update with the log files it had missed (which was since mid-October). Thankfully I still had the batch script I used last time this happened, so I modified that with the missed log dates, and then updating was easy.

I found that I had a 500 error on a couple of my pages. When I looked into this it was because I was missing the PEAR Mail_mime module, so I installed that and it fixed it. When looking into this problem I also found some problems with another page, so I fixed that too.

In the afternoon I was trying to set up my host gator account. I managed to get a subdomain of one of my sites pointing at my host gator account. I also managed to get a different domain pointing at hostgator while the subdomains pointed to webFaction (my current host).

But I couldn't sftp into my host gator account, so after quite a while of trying different things and reading the host gator help topics I gave up and sent them an email to get some help.

I read a few articles on the Luminous Landscape until it was dinner time.

After dinner I watched an episode of DS9 with Mauser and Bo, did a Japanese lesson with Mauser, then finished reading the latest Luminous Landscape articles.

After that I checked my email and had received a reply from Host Gator. It seems they have to enable ssh access for you to be able to use it / sftp. I followed their instructions on setting up the ssh keys so that I could login to sftp without being prompted for a password: SSH Keys.

This worked okay, but my shell script to ftp the images from my current host to host gator didn't seem to work, so I'll have to try and find what the problem with that is tomorrow.

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