Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sarah's Wedding

Yesterday we all had to get up early and went off to Sarah's wedding in Sussex. We had to wait around for about an hour or two at the Torch Trust for the Blind, where we were going to be staying overnight. Then we went down to the church. The Wedding ceremony was really good, with a live band.

After the ceremony was more waiting around before we went off to the place where the reception was being held. Then more waiting around until the meal. During the meal there was a good Jazz band playing live.

After the meal we just sat down doing nothing for a few hours. Luckily there was a good live band who were playing for quite a bit of the time.

As you can see from the photo of Laddie above, we got rather bored. If I'd had an ipad or something so I could get some work done while I was there I wouldn't have minded waiting around so much. I had a pin held in a mini clothes peg on top of my head, but Clare thought there was someone at the wedding that wanted to kill me and was going to push the pin into my head?!?

I felt sorry for the Wedding photographer as he was taking photos all the time from the start of the ceremony at around 2pm, and was still at the reception when we left around 11pm. I expect he was also taking photos of Sarah getting ready, etc. before the ceremony started as well. And then after such a long day he would have hundreds, possibly thousands, of photos to sort through and process the best ones.

A couple of things I noticed about the photographer was that during the ceremony he was shooting with no flash, and seemed to be using some quite slow shutter speeds while shooting handheld (you can tell by the shutter sound). Then for group photos at the reception he was using two speedlights with an SU-800 on the camera, one on a light stand to the right, and one held by a human light stand to the left. The flashes were pointed directly at the people being photographed rather than bounced off the white ceiling of the marquee.

Considering there was a white wall right behind the people, I would have thought this method of direct lighting would be quite harsh with strong shadows. But I think the results will probably be quite good, he certainly seemed to know what he was doing.

On Sunday (today) we came back home. I updated my pog website and made a farmhouse fruitcake.

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