Monday, 26 September 2011

Setting up account with

This morning and part of this afternoon I was signing up for social networking sites to use with
As part of this I wondered if I could change my Google Profile for the website I was doing this for to use the website name instead of my name. I tried this, and got a message that it didn't look like a valid name, along with a link to Google's policy on your name. This says:
Google+ does not support profiles for couples or groups of people. Additionally, you cannot create a profile for a non-person entity such as a pet or business.
So it seems that you cannot create a Google profile for a website or business, and yet it seems that somehow some people have, e.g. Fodder Network and TechCrunch. I'm guessing that probably Google used to allow businesses to register, but has since changed their rules, while still keeping previous business accounts active.

In the evening I watched Empire of the Sun with Mauser and Bo, which was alright, but a bit boring and cheesy.

Although I still had a bit of a runny nose and cough today, I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday.

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