Wednesday, 28 September 2011


This morning the weather was nice and sunny so I went out on a walk at 10am to see how autumny it was and get some photos. I followed footpath signs, but unfortunately there were a few places where the track split off in various directions and there wasn't any sign to say which way the footpath was, so I had to go down one route until it reached an end and see if there were any footpath signs at the end or on any points of entry e.g. gates along that route. Then if there weren't any footpath signs down that route I would have to go back and try the other route, doing the same thing. I had to do this a couple of times at different points.

I also spent quite a while in a field photographing a cow pat, part of the time lying down in the field to photograph it. If anyone else had came past they would have thought I was a bit strange. Eventually I got back home about 3.15pm. I was very thirsty as I hadn't taken any water with me. I didn't think I was going to be quite so long.

I copied all the photos to my PC, geo-coded them, and started checking my emails.

After dinner I went out to take a sunset panorama, but the sky was bare and the sunlight wasn't particularly orange, so it wasn't that great.

In the evening I watched Flash Gordon with Mauser and Bo. It was quite good, thanks mainly to Brian Blessed. After that I checked a few more emails, geo-coded this evening's photos, and wrote this post.

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