Tuesday, 13 September 2011


This morning I was mainly finishing setting up the w3 total cache plugin for wordpress on my photo tips website. In the afternoon I was watching some of the stupidly simple SEO videos.

In the evening I watched Boukengers with Billy and then did some model painting and armature making. I painted Ronald's shoes red and made two adult armatures and one child armature. You can see them in the photo below along with two already done armatures, as well as Lenin and Karl Marx (who are lacking armatures), and Sir Fred Goodwin (who is the only finished model so far with an armature). I might re-make Lenin and Karl Marx's bodies with armatures.

Also, since it was on my camera's memory card, here is a photo from a few days ago. On the right are trees and on the left is a jack o' lantern and some electrics to make it light up.

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