Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I spent the large majority of today trying to get the w3 total cache plugin for wordpress working on my development site. The problem was that the configuration it wrote to the site's nginx .conf file didn't work properly. I found another configuration listed here: High-Performance WordPress with W3 Total Cache and Nginx, but that didn't work either.

Eventually I did get it working okay, but then found nginx wasn't gzipping static files at all, so looked into that, but couldn't get it working.

I also looked at setting up an email list for my photo tips website. Mail Chimp had been recommended, but they include your address on all emails, and I don't really want random people knowing my home address.

In the evening I watched the first half of the England vs. Wales game with Ben, Clare, and Mauser. But it was so boring we couldn't be bothered to watch the second half.

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