Sunday, 8 January 2012

Task listing

This morning I updated my pog website, started going through a backlog of emails I hadn't read yet, and went to Church.

In the afternoon I finished going through my emails, and one of them said that people who set goals do much better. This is an old thing I've heard many times before, but this time they said a study had been done whose results backed this up (and disproved some other theories).

I already have a task list and To do lists for a couple of my websites, each task is essentially the same as a 'goal', so I took most of the tasks in my task list, and split them up for each website / thing to do. So I still have just as many tasks to do, but my task list looks much cleaner as I just put a 'link' to the text file containing the subtasks for that thing.

I don't set dates to have things done by as often things seem to take ages when you think they won't take long, or something else pops up that you have to do that prevents you from completing a task on time. Also, rather than spending a set amount of time on one task, and then moving onto the next, I think that if you are 'on a roll', it is better to keep on with what you're doing.

E.g. If I was debugging something, it's generally best to continue until you find the problem. If I stopped after a set period of time, moved onto something else, and then picked it up again the next day, I probably would have forgotten the different things I'd tried and where I'd got to in the debugging process.

In the late afternoon and evening I started writing another article for my photo tips website. In the evening I also watched a learn Japanese program, 'NHK Let's Learn Japanese' I think it was. It was even more maniacal than Yan Sama! I guess it goes to show that 80s language learning programs are the best (I mean the best out of all TV programs, not just language learning programs).

After that we did a Chinese lesson, but we couldn't pause it, so didn't learn anything. And while we were doing that (and for a good while after it had finished), we did sculpey. I made a Yoshi Electron head, I had to use the handle of a paintbrush for tooling it as I didn't have any other tools available, so it was quite difficult.

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