Friday, 20 January 2012


Today I spent quite a while uploading a photo to various photo sharing websites. It's amazing how long it takes. The problem is that different sites use different formatting for specifying links, and I like to always include a link back to my website(s). Also, most don't pull the image description and keywords from the exif, so I have to copy and paste them manually. Some websites also use different formatting for keywords e.g. space separated instead of comma separated, which also makes more work.

In the evening I watched the rest of A.I. with Mauser and Bo, did some sculpey with them (I just made an armature for Yoshi), and took some more photos of my sound recorder.

This is Mauser's Michael Rosen, the original Lenin body, and a capitalist pig that L made with a swan that I think Clare made on his back.

Here is Yoshi Electron leaning back on the sculpey box, on the table you can see a bit of wire for the Yoshi armature I was making today.

I probably did some other stuff today as well, but I can't remember now.

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