Thursday, 13 September 2012


This morning I started recording a video on modifying the Vivitar 283 flash. Then someone came round to service the fire and boiler, and they were too noisy for me to do the video. So I did some more work on my wordpress plugin instead. I now have import and export of settings working okay (I think).

In the afternoon I finished off my video and then edited it. While it was exporting I looked for screen protectors for the Nexus 7. There seem to be two ones that are recommended Bodyguardz anti-glare / anti-fingerprint screenguardz and Steinheil Ultra fine matte. Both are recommended at reducing smudges, reducing glares and reflections, and having little to no effect on touch operation and screen resolution.

But unfortunately I couldn't find either for sale in the UK, they both seem to be US exclusives. I did find Mofred Nexus 7 case with screen protector and stylus on Amazon UK, which has a lot of good reviews. But I think that the screen protector they include is just a standard one, not an anti-smudge or anti-reflection one.

In the evening I made some macaroons. Unfortunately I made them using semolina, I didn't realise until after I had poured the semolina in with the icing sugar that it was semolina and not ground almonds. I did add almond flavouring. They taste a bit weird, not too bad though.

I also looked at how I could mount my Nexus 7 on my camera for use as a monitor. (I used it flat on the table as a monitor for my video earlier, using the free Helicon remote app.

I found this suggestion: Nexus 7 mounting bracket for your DSLR rig. But unfortunately, like the screen protectors, it is difficult to get hold of the parts in the UK. There are UK ebay sellers selling that RAM mount parts (so no astronomical intl. postage fees from the US). But their prices are much higher than the USD prices from

So I still want to try and find a reasonably cheap way for mounting the Nexus 7 for use as a camera monitor / controller.

Oh yes, here is a link to how to use Google chrome browser on android.

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