Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trying to get my HD recognised

This morning I did some more work on my wordpress plugin, then did some more Ukraine holiday planning.

In the afternoon I did more Ukraine holiday planning. My USB OTG cable arrived today, so I tried to get the Nexus 7 working with my card reader and USB hard drive enclosure. The only USB hub McRad had was a USB 1 one, so I ordered a USB 3 hub. Apparently the Nexus 7 isn't USB 3, but I thought I might as well get a USB 3 one anyway. It should be backwards compatible with USB 2 and slightly future proofed compared to a USB 2 hub.

I couldn't get my 3TB HD working with the Nexus 7, but the other drives I tried and my card reader worked fine. (Though I didn't try copying any files, just checking I could browse the disks). When I get the USB hub, then I can try copying files from the card reader to the external HD.

I tried a lot of different apps, and plugging, unplugging etc. in trying to get my 3TB drive to work. It was the first drive that I tried, so I didn't realise that my other drives would work okay. I just thought the tablet wouldn't work with NTFS formatted drives.

I also had a look at how to view RAW files. There is an app called RAWdroid, which should let you view RAW files. Nik Snapseed should apparently be released for Android soon, and will hopefully include RAW support.

In the evening I watched an episode of Shinkengers with Billy, then played on Eledees with him for a bit.

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