Monday, 24 September 2012

Zip zip zip zip zip zip zip It's not a pip

This morning I prepared the panos I processed yesterday for upload. Then I uploaded them. I cleaned the insides of my mouse, then put it back together again. I calibrated my pano head for use with my fisheye lens at 10mm on the 5D2. I did some vacuuming and washing up.

In the afternoon I took photos of some sculpey / plasticine / milliput models:

Kim Jong-eun

David Roberts

David Cameron

Namtsop Tap

Marko Repairs Dol hareubang (made by Mauser)

My first ever sculpey model


Sculpey monster (The original one was much larger, made from a whole sheet of sculpey. But it broke in half when it kissed Mauser. It would have used up a lot of sculpey if it had been cooked anyway.)

Man with a mouth

Cat that eats intestines

Horse, weird thing, and a koala. The horse and koala are both made of left-over milliput when making armatures.
Face, bear, and little bloke. The face and bear are both made of left-over milliput when making armatures. The little bloke is made of left-over bits of coloured sculpey.

The rest of the afternoon and most of the evening I was writing a blog post for my photo website.

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