Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Not getting much done

I spent all this morning and part of the afternoon still trying to compile PHP. In the end I gave up and filed a bug report. A 'problem report' would probably be a more accurate description than a 'bug report', but PHP doesn't have a 'problem' tracker.

I found the contact form not working (which was what I was trying to solve by recompiling PHP) was only a problem on my pano website. So I just removed the contact form and put an email link on there instead.

I also had another problem, which took me a while to fix. And I managed to get the ebay carousel plugin on my photo tips website working again. It was just a case of editing the entry for it in the database to change it from using the EPN RSS feed for its source, to use the ebay API for the source instead.

I topped the pond up. I also cleaned the washing line, bird table, and bird feeders. Unfortunately the sparrows seem to use them all (plus the Buddleia bush) as a toilet.

In the evening I was working on my ebay wordpress plugin. I found out that Wordpress has a settings API that you are meant to use when creating admin pages. Unfortunately I only just found out about this now when I already done a lot of work on the plugin's admin area. Looking at the tutorials, e.g. Using The Settings API: Part 1 – Create A Theme Options Page, it looks like using the settings API isn't too different to what I've got now. But I'm not quite sure how it would work since the form is POSTed to a wordpress page, and not your plugin admin page.

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