Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bah! Grr! Doh!

Today I was still doing geocoding my photos. I didn't get many done today as I had a few days where it seems I had the GPS switched off most of the day (in one case all day). This means I have to geocode them manually using Google Earth and GPS Visualizer for altitude lookup. And that takes quite a long time.

I was going to clean my camera's sensor, and give it a wet clean. There seemed to be one dust spot that would not budge that appeared on the sensor part-way through my holiday. It took me quite a while to find out where I had stored the sensor swabs and cleaning fluid.

When it came to clean the camera, I realised the camera's battery wasn't fully charged. But I couldn't find the charger or other battery. I think I must have left them in the room at the last hotel we stayed at. Doh!

I checked to contact the hotel. They say in their FAQ that all of the hotel’s details, including telephone and email address, are provided in the online booking confirmation, confirmation email and in My But in the My Booking area, it was not possible to get any contact details. I think the contact details must only be available for bookings that have not been completed. And I seem to have deleted the confirmation email.

So I ordered a new battery and charger from ebay. Annoying, but I have to take some photos soon, and I don't want to rely on just having a partly charged battery. Hopefully I can find a business card or something from the hotel with their contact details in amongst all my souvenir paperwork.

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