Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Clicking OK on error messages

Today it seems that I mostly clicking 'OK' on error messages. That didn't really take up most of my day, but it seemed like it did.

I wanted to do some more work in moving my website over to HTML5. As part of this, I need to check the changes I'm making don't break the website in different web browsers, such as IE6 and IE7. To check these, I fired up my Windows Virtual Machines that have IE6 and IE7 on them.

Since I hadn't used the VMs for quite a while, they had a load of Windows Updates that needed to be installed. On the IE7 machine though I kept getting "Delayed Write Failed" error messages. Eventually I thought it best to just shut the (virtual) machine down, and try starting it again. But I made the mistake of clicking "Shut down and install updates" instead of "Shut down without installing updates".

It then took several hours for the machine to shut down, during which it regularly spat out "Delayed Write Failed" error messages that had to be dismissed. I didn't want to do a forced shutdown, as the message on the screen said that it may become corrupted if you don't wait for the updates to finish installing.

And when it finally finished the process, it just crashed.

Other things I did today was posting a photo to various websites. I wrote up a recipe and posted it on my recipe blog. I played Super Mario Land on the Super Game Boy on the Super NES with Billy. I sorted through some insect photos and did descriptions for one, then uploaded it.

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