Wednesday, 21 November 2012


This morning I started up my IE7 VM that had had loads of errors and taken hours to shutdown before finally crashing yesterday. But it still had delayed write failed error messages today, so it seems all my waiting for it to shutdown properly yesterday was in vain. I should have just force shut it down - it wouldn't have mattered if windows had become corrupted due to shutting down since it was unusable anyway.

So I deleted the VM files, and restored by backup copy. Thankfully the backup seems to be fine, and it is currently installing the Windows updates as I write this.

I spent quite a bit of the day waiting for the IE7 and IE8 VMs to update. Then I did a bit of work on my website, and found a very strange IE7 (or jquery in IE7) bug. I had an element like <dd>Some text</dd>. When I retrieved the value like ('dd').text(), the result would be 'Some text ', with an extra space added onto the end. This messed up my site as I was doing a comparison with the value, obviously expecting the returned value to be 'Some text'. I ended up just applying a trim to the result to remove the extra space in IE.

In the evening I played on Mario Land with Billy for a bit, and bought some custom design T-shirts.

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