Saturday, 16 March 2013

Not getting much done

The whole past week or so I've got hardly anything done.

Last Friday I was trying to find photos for someone, and even made some amendments to my website to accommodate them. But they haven't come back to me, so it seems that was a waste of time.

To aid in the search for photos for them, I installed Windows Live Photo Gallery, which then broke PNG thumbnails in Windows Explorer. So I've wasted quite a bit of time trying to fix that (with no success so far).

I accidentally copied old files over new ones when syncing my VM with a backup of important files on the host PC. So that took me a couple of days to sort out.

I spent about 2 days testing optimisations of SQL queries on my website, only to find out that the queries I already had worked better than the alternatives. (I did learn some stuff and write up an article for my web dev blog based on the testing though).

So I hope next week will be really productive to make up for this week's lack of constructive results.

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