Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Today I was still doing stats checking. As part of this I updated wordpress on my photo website. This took a long time to do as quite a few plugins had been updated, and they caused PHP notices that I needed to fix. It's annoying because one at least one of them I had told the developer how to change their code not to cause notices, but they hadn't fixed it.

An interesting error I found through Google Webmaster Tools was a 404 for /tag/atom/feed/ on a wordpress site. The problem is that atom is a type of feed, so wordpress doesn't like it if you use 'atom' as a tag, and then try to access the feed for that tag page. The solution is to change the tag slug to something different. My tag related to the ATOM feed / publishing standard, so I changed my tag slug to 'atom-standard'. Now I can access /tag/atom-standard/feed/ and don't get a 404.


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