Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Writing code and an article

This morning I was doing more website work on my photo website. I am only trying to add functionality to allow people to buy a licence, which I thought would be quite simple. But actually it is turning out to be quite a bit of work.

Part of the work has been looking for suggested printers. I wanted to see who RedBubble use. I couldn't find out, but did find this site, where I was surprised to see that it gets mostly bad reviews: Site Jabber: Redbubble.com reviews.

Another link I thought might be posting here is this one: PHP output buffering - sounds like a bad idea, is it? Like the question poster, I was under the impression that capturing output in the buffer, clearing the buffer, and then echoing the captured content was inefficient and bad practice. I couldn't specifically remember reading this though, and given the answers in that thread, I think I must have just made it up.

I also wrote an article for my photo tips website today.

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