Sunday, 17 March 2013

Watching a film

Today didn't start very well. I had moved a folder from one drive to another, because the drive it was previously on was just about full. But I forgot to update this change in the settings on my backup software, so it thought the folder had been deleted, and deleted it from the backup as well.

I then changed the settings to point to the new location, but then accidentally synced it the wrong way, so it deleted the original files, instead of backing them up. The backup software does a permanent delete rather than moving to the recycle bin, so I had to use a recovery program to restore the files.

After this I compared to my other backup, and there were a few differences, so I sorted them out. Then I left it doing a binary compare to make sure none of the restored files were corrupted.

When I got back from church, I got a cup of coffee and then was going to go on my computer. At that moment there was a power cut, so I couldn't see what the results of the binary compare were, and had to run it all over again when power was restored. If only I'd checked it before getting a cup of coffee, it would have saved a lot of time.

In the afternoon I went through a bit of my to do list that was just saved URLs. Some were articles, which I read. Others were articles or ideas that might come in handy later, so I either bookmarked them or moved them to more specific subject related to do lists.

In the evening I watched a Film Noir with Mauser and Bo, which was quite good.

I also worked on using a potentiometer to control the output of a Vivitar 283 flash. I got it working okay, but the optical trigger I bought for the flash isn't much good. It works okay, but triggers on the pre-flash and not the actual flash of the camera. Since my main point in this is to show how you can get a cheap off-camera flash that will work with even a compact camera, that isn't much good. So I ordered a slightly more expensive model, which will hopefully work a bit better.

There is one that seems like it would work pretty well, but it was about £22, hardly cheap.

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