Thursday, 14 March 2013

Why do I be so stupid?

Today was quite annoying.

First of all I spent quite a bit of time trying to get PHP working as symlinks to libs it relies on had mysteriously disappeared.

After that I found that the script I had written yesterday (that took me quite a while to write) for zipping old log files had disappeared. All the zipped logs had disappeared, and the logs that had been deleted after being zipped had reappeared.

I realised what must have happened - when I backed up my files from my Ubuntu VM to my Windows host, I must have synced the wrong way round. So instead of copying the new files from Ubuntu, I copied the old files to Ubuntu. The symlinks wouldn't have been copied to Windows, and so since these didn't exist, that would have resulted in them being deleted when I did the sync backwards.

After this I worked on my script for zipping the logs again.

After lunch I realized that I was still being stupid, and did what I should have done yesterday when I first realised that the symlinks had gone missing. I retrieved a copy of the Ubuntu VM from a backup.

Then I had to spend a bit of time updating the stuff that I did yesterday (that I could remember) and wasn't on the backup.

I did some more website work for the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening I watched 24 with Mauser and Bo. After that I did some cooking.

For the rest of the evening I did more website work, trying to optimise some sql queries.

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