Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blogger is broken

The last few days I have been working on an article for my vis uv ir flower photos blog about the equipment used and how the photos are taken. But then yesterday when I finished it, I found that blogger refuses to link to it (the blog is on blogger). I published the page, and it is listed in the published pages, and I can edit it. But if you click the 'View' link, it just goes to the front page of the blog. Similarly, on the blog there is a link to the page in the top nav, but the link just points to the front page of the blog.

I did use the 'Send feedback' link (at the bottom right of every page in blogger dashboard) to let Blogger know of the problem, but given big G's track record on bug fixing it seems unlikely it will ever get fixed. If you check the blogger issues blog, you'll find lots of posts going quite far back from Google with notifications of issues with blogger they are aware of. Most of these posts say that they'll be updated with more info or when the issue has been resolved. Of course, they haven't been updated.

So today I tried various things to fix the problem. I tried editing the title (I thought maybe it was too long). I tried reverting to draft, then publishing again. I tried deleting the page and adding it again as a new page. This last technique thankfully worked.

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