Thursday, 13 June 2013


Doing some research today I came across a page in Russian, which I used Google translate to translate into English. Google translate isn't great, but the resulting text indicates that the original Russian was probably a nonsensical spam post anyway. However, I think the resultant text sounds like the kind of poem that would win awards and people would try to derive the hidden meaning from the words:

Spiritual stone knocks spider. Triumphantly to move and dig performance because of a strained metal values. Brunette busy attracted the presence of residues, but the cat vomited music. Normally remember to self-esteem specific outfit. The remains of the ill-fated encounter as deep satisfaction to the selection. Drag delusional coat on criminal classes. Open air and leaned robot walked in the galaxy. A solid collection of stamps for Small assumptions. Any excitement darkened roaring compositions.

I spent most of the day uploading a few pics to various photo sharing websites. In the evening I watched the final episode of this year's Springwatch as well.

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