Thursday, 6 June 2013

Going through emails

Most of this morning I was just going through my emails. I had an email from Zinio, which said:

It's time to renew your subscription to Popular Photography. And what a great time it is - you can renew today for $10.49 (30% off the standard Zinio Rate) as part of our Dads & Grads Sale.

Act now and you'll get one year of Popular Photography at a great savings.

I was pretty sure that my subscription was not due for renewal, so I logged into my Zinio account. Indeed, I have 58 issues remaining on my subscription. Since it's a monthly magazine, that means I have 4 years and 10 months before my subscription needs renewing. Silly Zinio.

For my photo tips website I sometimes use articles from articlesbase and ezine articles. Most of the articles on them are absolute rubbish, but there are a few well written articles with decent content that are worth republishing. Some of the older articles have links to websites that no longer exist. The terms and conditions of articlesbase say that you may not modify the article at all when republishing it, so I contacted their support about the broken links issue.

My message:

Is it okay to remove links from an article when republishing it if those links no longer work? There seems to be no point in keeping links in if they go to a website that no longer exists, it would just be confusing for readers.

Their reply:

No.You must keep the full author's credit with its respective links, a link to the article on our site, keep the article and author's credit intact and keep all link active.

You cannot edit the article in any way.

What a strange policy!

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