Monday, 10 June 2013

Photo wing

I spent nearly all day today taking flower photos, and managed to get 5 shots done. When I say 'done', they still need descriptions, tags etc. adding, processing, and then uploading to the web. So, still a lot of work to do until they are really 'done'.

In the garden we had a family of Great Tits today. We quite often see just one adult on the peaunuts, so it was nice to see that they'd been raising a family and succeeded. I haven't seen any finches in our back garden or long tailed tits yet this year though. I haven't heard the cuckoo calling across the fields either.

When I tried adding some metadata to some of the pics I took in Bridge, it came up with the error message There was an error writing metadata to _DIR6044.RAF for each of the files I was trying to add metadata to. This error doesn't really make sense as Bridge doesn't write metadata to RAW files (RAF is the type of RAW file my camera takes). Instead, it writes the metadata to sidecar .xmp files. So it seems like Bridge was trying to write metadata to the RAW file (which it can't do) instead of the xmp file.

I did a quick search but the info seemed to be relating to this error with JPG files rather than RAW files. As a possible fix, I tried clearing Bridge's cache for the folder (Tools > Cache > Purge cache for folder N...). After Bridge had rebuilt the cache for the folder, then I could successfully add metadata to the files. (You can see black borders round the image thumbnails when the cache is purged, as Bridge rebuilds the cache the borders disappear. When all images have been cached it should be safe to try adding metadata again).

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