Sunday, 8 December 2013

Getting stuff done, but not what I wanted

Well, I have a long list of stuff I need to get done ASAP, but I spent most of today cooking. We had some old milk that needed using up before it went off, so I made a double batch of milk loaf. Half I baked as big buns, the other half I mixed in cinnamon and mixed fruit and baked as a spiced fruit loaf.

Clare and Brian also brought some cooking apples back from a walk, but they were quite badly damaged. So they needed cutting up and stewing sooner rather than later. Otherwise the bruises and mouldy areas would just spread and get worse. So I spent quite a bit of time cutting them up, and Clare stewed them up. Then, of course, all the cooking generates quite a bit of washing up to do.

However, I did get a little of work done today. My Hostgator account had come up for renewal, a few weeks ago, so I needed to decide whether to renew or not. I asked them to switch me to a monthly plan while I make up my mind. Hostgator did have a 50% off Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale. But that was only for new accounts, and they stated that if you take advantage of the offer then cancel your existing account, they will bill you for the full amount.

So I managed to look at a few different options today:

Plan Cost per year
Hostgator 36 month 107.05 USD
Hostgator 24 month 124.87 USD
Webfaction extra 50GB 60.00 USD
Amazon Glacier 50GB 6.60 USD
Amazon S3 RR 50GB 38.40 USD

WebFaction I already have an account with. Previously I opened the HostGator account as I was going over my diskspace limit on my WebFaction account. Checking today, I now have a 100GB limit on my WebFaction a/c and so I can actually switch everything I have on HostGator over to WebFaction, and not need to pay any extra storage fees at all. So that is what I plan on doing.

I also noticed on my WebFaction account that I am paying more than their basic package. It seems I am on an old plan, which gives a larger bandwidth allowance than their basic plan. But I am pretty sure I don't need this extra allowance. So, once I have my sites all switched over (might take a while), I will let it run for a month or so. And then see if I am close to hitting the base package bandwidth limit. If not, then I can downgrade to the basic package and save a couple of dollars each month.

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