Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Washing up

Well, today was Christmas Day. That involves a nice big meal, which inevitably generates a lot of washing up. So quite a bit of the day was just spent washing up.

I also researched some ideas of sculpey to make for the next holiday at home. We went to church in the morning, though there weren't that many people there compared to the Christmas service in previous years.

Billy got Super Luigi U (twice) and Super Mario 3D Wii U, so I played on both of those with him for a while. I read a couple of stories from his Moomin comic strip book as well. And we played scrabble after dinner.

In the evening I went on Animal Crossing for a bit. Annoyingly, I forgot to go on it yesterday evening when it was Toy Day. And I had even made a list of what colour and type of present each of the villagers wanted.

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