Friday, 27 December 2013

Photo processing

Most of today I was still processing cheese photos. In the afternoon we went out to Foxton Locks (I think I forgot to say before that Mark, Sarah, and Levi came on boxing day and are with us at the moment). In the evening we played Fluxx and scrabble.

I had a problem with one of my images that I was editing. I had previously saved the image using a RAW file as a smart object, but wanted to crop the image. But when I did this, the image became corrupted. I tried opening the RAW file smart object, and it seemed that the RAW file in the smart object had become corrupted.

Unfortunately this must have had happened when I originally saved the file, as the backup had the same issue. Searching for a solution, it seems that a range of factors can cause this issue: Photoshop: Problem with files and layers becoming corrupt. There is no solution, so I had to just remove the smart object, then re-open the original RAW as a smart object, and copy it into the document in place of the corrupted layer.

I do note in that forum thread that one of the possible causes was a bug in Photoshop, which was fixed in CS6. It does seem rather off to me to only release a bug fix in a new version of the software. In my opinion the bug shouldn't have been there in the first place, and so the fix should be provided for all versions of the software that contain the bug.

Though having said that, it is no longer an issue since Adobe only offer software by subscription now, so you will always receive any bug fixes (or not have any software at all if you don't pay your subscription).

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