Saturday, 1 September 2007

Ben bees pointless

Got up about 8.30am, didn't have a shower. Ben got up so we had breakfast then went on wii fitness. After that I got Silly Moohar to cut my hair. Then I had a shower, and after that me, silly farthner and Yumpt McPumpt went to see the car boot sale that's on the first Saturday of every month in the pub nearby. They only sold totally raddish stuff like 70s radios, old board games and books, and cuddly toys. We stayed there for about 1minute then went home.

After that I went on the pinternet for a bit and edited some photos. Then it was lunch. after lunch I edited more photos. Then went out for a walk but I forgot my camera doh! When we came back Ben was watching a youtube video of someone completing Donkey Kong 64 - the were 14 parts split into a further 3 10min parts each, and the bit he was watching was just the person taking each Kong into a place to learn a new move. Yumpt said he wasn't allowed to watch it any more.

Then me, ben & yumpt went on line rider and looked at / edited skill photos of ourselves. Then I properly edited some photos then ate dinner.

After dinner I watched the 1st episode of MacGyver with Jine which was ulti, 8/10. Then I sorted photos and found out that my camera and gps were about 2 mins apart so when I was geocoding photos using gps tracklogs the lat & lon was quite a bit out. I changed the time on the FZ5 camera to be nearer the gps time, but it doesn't display seconds when chaning the time on the camera, so I don't know how accurate it will be. I also added a -120 offset to robogeo and re-geocoded some of the photos from the last few days. Ripped a couple of cds as well.

Breakfast: Choco rice; cup o' tea.
Lunch: Cheddar Cheese with iceberg lettuce sandwich; peppered ham sandwich; orange marmalade toast sandwich; caramel rocky; victoria plum; cup o' tea.
Dinner: Chicken pie; green beans; potatoes; carrots; gravy; white wine. Pudding was strawberries with strawberry flavoured whip. Coffee; Cappuchino Choco biscuit.
Supper: Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows & squirty cream.

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