Monday, 17 October 2011

Not enough time / stuff takes too much time

Today I wrote 2 articles for my photo tips website, and that took all morning and most of the afternoon. For a small part of the afternoon and most of the evening I did sculpey / plasticine modelling. In the evening I also watched an episode of Boukengers with Belly.

I had wanted to process some photos and sort out a website / mysql issue as well today, but didn't have enough time.

This is the two armatures (middle and left) I made yesterday, and today I added the fimo shoes to them. The middle is for Karl Marx as a tramp, and the left is for Karl Marx in a suit.

This is some of the figures made so far over the last month or so. The boy on the left is actually an old Lenin body that doesn't have an armature, the boy's real body isn't made yet (you can see his armature in the above photo).

 And this is some more, on the right is Lenin's body that I was doing some more work on today.

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