Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Scotland Day 5 - Meall Fuar-mhonaidh

This morning we had a full Scottish breakfast again, except that I had fried bread instead of Bacon, and Mauser had the same as yesterday except without Fried bread, Haggis, or Black Pudding.

We went out in the car to a walk, but Google navigation led us the wrong way. It did take us to a car park, but then wanted us to continue up a gated track. Instead of going back the correct way, we decided to just walk from there. We followed the google instructions to where it had suggested we drive to get to the proper car park at the start of the walk. This took us down an unused track that had bits of tree going across it, so stupid instructions. Mauser checked his multimap map, and it was clear on that what the correct route was, so he was annoyed he didn't check multimap before following the Google navigate instructions.

After a bit we came to the start of the walk proper, which was up Meall Fuar-mhonaidh. The ground was quite wet and muddy, but when we got further up the mountain, it became really boggy. You had to keep deviating from the path quite a bit to try and get round the larger / deeper patches of bog. It was also quite a trixy walk as you kept thinking you were nearly at the top, then you'd see there was actually another higher peak further on ahead.

Most of the walk up was cloudy, and it rained for a bit. But when we eventually reached the top at 1pm (we started about 9.30am), the weather changed to more sunny with cloudy spells.

On the way back down I slipped over on some of the wet boggy grass, so that was annoying. Thankfully I got bits of fine moss (moss spores?) on me rather than mud, and by the time we reached the bottom the wet patches had mostly dried out.

We reached the car at about 4pm, then went to the takeaway at Drumnadrochit to get some fish and chips. We went back to the hotel next so I could go to the loo. We had been trying to decide where to eat our dinner, and eventually decided on some picnic tables that aren't very far from the B&B. So we walked there and ate our fish & chips. We had a nice view of the hillside with horses on it, and also the river running next to us.

After eating our dinner we walked along the road and track a bit, which goes along the Great Glen Way. After a bit we came to an area where you could see the river better (no trees in the way), then we went back to the B&B as we didn't want to do too long of a walk, especially since we didn't know where the track actually went to.

At the B&B I copied and sorted today's photos, then wrote yesterday's and today's blog posts.

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