Friday, 28 October 2011

Scotland Day 7 - Abriachan Forest & River Beauly

Today we weren't going to get up early, but we did mean to be up in plenty of time for 8.30 breakfast, but neither me nor Mauser were woken up by my watch alarm. I woke up at 8am, so we were up in time for breakfast, but I didn't have enough time to have a shower.

After breakfast we went out to the Abriachan Forest trails, and did a walk there. Unfortunately the first bit of the walk there was a sign saying No admittance due to forest work. So we were stuck for a bit wondering what to do. After spending some time looking at the trails map in the car park, it looked like one of the trails went down to the same place as the other one that was blocked off. So we went down there, and it did. It actually turned out that quite a bit of the start of the walk was just going to see things near the car park, before you got onto the real walk.

The walk went through the forest for a bit, then came out on an open hill, where it was very windy. Then a lot of the walk was just down a trail used by Forestry commission vehicles, which wasn't as nice as a proper footpath going through the forest. We also went down to see a Whisky still, but it was just a small wooden building cut into the hillside, with nothing inside it other than some seating, so quite boring.

After completing the walk, we went off for our next walk along part of the River Beauly. To get there we had to down single track roads from the Abriachan forest trails car park, and Google navigate wasn't very good at giving correct directions. I think that probably we could have actually just gone along single track road a small part of the way and then gone along an A road if we had planned the route ourselves instead of using Google Navigate.

The river Beauly walk was nice as well. It was lucky that Mauser had his phone with multimap on as the walk directions said to turn off right down a boggy track into a wood, when actually you needed to turn off right through part of a field and then follow the path along the edge of the wood and the field.

There was a nice sunset on the drive back to the B&B, Mauser did try to stop so I could get some photos, but all of the parking spots are unmarked and you only see them when it is too late to stop. The only one Mauser did manage to see in time to stop at turned out not to be a parking place, but actually a road to a farm. So I didn't get any sunset photos.

The rest of the evening I copied and sorted today's photos, then wrote yesterday's and today's blog posts. Mauser went out to the takeaway and bought a 'Mexicano' pizza. It had lots of Jalapeno pepper slices on it, and was really hot. It also had a lot of nice stringy cheese.

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