Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Photo processing

I spent most of today processing some photos. For some of them they looked very drab compared to what I remembered capturing, so I spent quite a while trying to improve them. Then I found that the camera had been set to auto white balance (I reset it recently), and this is what was causing the problem. Doh!

I also spent quite a while messing around with some of the infrared photos to try and change their colours a bit. I can get the sky to turn blue by swapping the blue and red channels in the channel mixer, but it didn't give the foliage the orange tint that you see in so many false colour IR photos. I think that maybe the orange tint effect occurs if you use a filter that also lets through some visible light.

I did some gardening work as well, filling up the pond, and removing some of the compost from the compost bin.

I did some more modelling, working on Karl Marx' tramp body. Since I needed to put rips in his trousers I had to make him some legs first, and then put the trousers on top of the legs. Here he is with one leg trousered up:

In the evening I watched 'Bend of The River' with Mauser and Bo, which was quite good. After that I spent ages checking my emails.

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