Tuesday, 22 November 2011

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Yesterday I was checking the dpreview forums and came across this thread about slit scan photography. Investigating a bit more I found this long list of Slit scan photography. The list is so long that I only finished reading it today. One of the photographers listed on there I think I have seen the work of before, and he has a couple of other nice projects as well: Adam Magyar.

After doing quite a bit of reading on the subject, it seems that digital slit scanning requires a video camera, then taking a slit from each frame and blending the slits together on the computer. Streak photography on the other hand is used with a static subject. So you can use a still camera and move the subject or camera a very small amount between each frame. Then, just as with the video you need to extract a slit from each image and blend them into a single image.

Also today and yesterday I was working on a couple of articles for my photo tips website. In the evening both days I have gone on Civ IV. Today I won a domination victory on it, so for the rest of the evening I checked Google Webmaster Tools and Bing webmaster tools stats for my websites.

On Bing I noticed that a Google gadgets page had lots of links (in different languages) to a KML file on my photo website. So I checked it and it was one of my static KML files that I must have submitted quite a while ago. I couldn't see any way to submit KML files from the KML gallery, but found the submit page by googling for it. So I submitted my dynamic kml file for my photo website.

I also checked out the KML from a guy who spent 30 months touring Asia, lots of nice places and photos.

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