Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Since yesterday afternoon (possibly before, but I didn't notice), MySQL on my hostgator account has kept being off and on. I contacted HostGator support when it first happened yesterday, and at first they said MySQL was up, then they said someone was looking into it.

Since it was still bad this morning I contacted them again to see if there was any update. Unfortunately there wasn't, other than that they were still trying to fix it. They said that when it was fixed this thread would be updated. Eventually the thread was updated to say the issue has been resolved, but it took over 24hrs since I first noticed the problem. For all I know the problem could have been happening all week while I was away.

When the problem was eventually fixed, I updated my photo tips website with the posts I'd got ready over the last couple of days.

I also started geo-coding some of the Scotland photos, and did the first two days from Edinburgh. It took quite a long time as I didn't have the GPS switched on for all the shots. Since the photos were of the city I had to look up shop names on Google and use Google Streetview to try and get the correct locations for photos that were taken when the GPS was off. Some of the ones taken while the GPS was on were quite a bit off, presumably due to being inside / near buildings, so they needed correcting as well.

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