Friday, 18 November 2011

Reading emails

This morning I was reading articles on The Luminous Landscape, then checked my email and found I had an email to say my website was down.

So I spent a while fixing that and trying to work out what had gone wrong.

Then I had an email about Google+ pages, so I set one up for my photography tips website. It seems you can't get a 'vanity' url, so I followed the recommendation here: HOW TO: Get Your Own Google+ Vanity URL. It's not a hack to actually get a custom url, rather just using a service similar to so you can give people an easy to read url that will then redirect to the Google+ page.

I also followed the procedure here: Add Google+ Profile Buttons On Your Blog to add a button on my site that links to my google plus page.

A link I forgot to post yesterday was Alternatives to illegal

  • tags> on a hover? I wasn't sure whether you were allowed to include block elements such as and
    inside an
  • (was getting some weird behaviour on a blog post where I had), but according to that post this is perfectly okay. In the end I found the problem with my blog post was that the list was using custom CSS bullets via
    content 'some unicode code point';
    This inserted an inline element as the bullet, but since this was followed by a block element (
    ) in my page, this meant there would be a line break between the bullet and the paragraph e.g.
       Some text in a paragraph here
    To fix this I changed:
    content 'some unicode code point';
    display: block;
    float: left;
    and this seemed to fix it.

    Most of the afternoon today I was checking my email. I also tried out an RSS feed submitter called Traffic Launchpad.

    In the evening I watched The Woman In The Window with Mauser and Bo, then watched Autumn watch with Belly & McRad.
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