Friday, 4 November 2011

Uploading panos

I spent most of today reading through my unread emails, and also uploading panos to

I always like reading the Money Morning emails, the writers have a good sense of humour and tell it like it is. One I read today made me laugh:

The Efficient Market Hypothesis is the theory that stands behind the way that most economists and institutional investors view the market.
It sees the market as a sort-of-hyper-efficient supercomputer. All knowable information and perceptions about past, present and future are fed in at one end. Out of the other end pops a perfectly-formed price.

It’s no supercomputer. It’s more like a bemused toddler, wondering where the trillion-euro note that nice Dr Merkel pulled out of funny little Mr Sarkozy’s ear has got to now...
Sarah and Mark came to visit today, and in the evening we spent some time looking at their wedding photos.

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