Saturday, 5 November 2011


This morning I made a tea loaf using fruit soaked in some of the whisky tea we got from Scotland. I cleaned the bird feeders, cut out pogs in Photoshop, and did some work on a script to fill some tables for a website with dummy data.

In the afternoon I did more work on the database script and uploaded some more panos to Most of the time I spent on the database script trying to figure out why I was getting a blank page with no error messages.

In the evening I did more work on the database script and played on Civ IV. Unfortunately Civ IV seemed to be impossible as one of my neighbours would always make war with me. Even when I reloaded and gave them loads of technologies and converted to their religion, so they were pleased and said we would be friends for many years, the next turn (or two) they would still make war on me! And my cities just weren't well defended enough to put back their attacks.

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