Thursday, 3 November 2011


Today I was mostly geo-coding photos from our Scotland holiday. Thankfully I had the GPS tracklog switched on for most of them, though some needed the position correcting slightly when taking a number of shots close together in trees. There were also some where the GPS was switched off, and one lot where I had it switched on, but left it in the car (doh!)

I noticed that there weren't actually any panos on Cairngorm, which is actually quite surprising since you can get up most of it easily using the funicular railway. However, I can't regret not taking my tripod (to do panos) too much considering how windy it was up there.

I also managed to read through some of my more wordy emails that I hadn't read yet. Still got quite a few left to read though.

One of the emails I read mentioned affiliate link hijacking, so I wondered what this was. After looking it up, I found this helpful post, which explains what it is: All about Link Cloaking/Hijacking. Basically, the only way for another person to hijack your affiliate links is if they have some malware installed on the user's computer, or if they hack your webserver.

Both of these seem quite unlikely to me, and I don't know how 'cloaking' affiliate links would prevent either problem. So I will just keep on using standard links and not worry about it.

In the evening (afternoon) I went out for a walk hoping for a nice sunset. It was a nice sunset, but unfortunately it only lit up a small part of the sky, so not very good for photography really.

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