Monday, 28 May 2012

Article writing

I spent nearly all today working on an article for my photo tips website. In the morning I wrote most of the article. In the afternoon I went out and took some photos to illustrate it. In the evening I was trying to process a photo in Photoshop Elements to illustrate the process.

I don't use Photoshop Elements myself, but like to use it for illustrating how to do things for the website as most readers are probably more likely to have Elements than the full version. Unfortunately it seems that Elements doesn't have the channel mixer, which is needed for what I wanted to show. You can download the channel mixer as an add-on, but I had to sign up to the forum where it was hosted to download it.

After downloading and installing it, I then ran Elements and got a message that my trial had run out (even though it worked okay earlier today). So I had to delete the VM I had installed it on, create a new VM, and then install 93 Windows Updates on it.

Tomorrow I can hopefully install Elements (trial) on the clean VM, and install the channel mixer as well. Then I can finally get some screen shots or a video to demonstrate the processing of the image.

Also today I watched an episode of Star Trek TOS with Billy and Mauser, and the first instalment of this year's Spring Watch with Billy, Clare, and McRad. Spring Watch is quite annoying because it could be a half hour show but they fill it up to an hour by flipping between one thing and another, and keep repeating the same thing when they flip back.

For example, tonight they had someone at a house where there was a fox family with 11 cubs. The guy gave about 4 reports during the program, each time just repeating what he'd said during the first report. And they are going back to the same place again tomorrow! While I do enjoy Spring Watch, it does get really annoying when they waste your time like that.

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