Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision and football

This morning I went out on a walk along part of the Nene River and the Nene Valley Railway with Mauser and McRad.

In the afternoon I finished watching "A Cloud Capped Star" with Mauser. The film was quite good. It used sound effects in certain places to convey the emotions of the characters. While this is a novel idea, I didn't think it really worked very well. But the story was quite good and I liked the cinematography. The acting was fine as well, though I think it is harder to tell bad acting when someone is speaking a foreign language.

After that I went to bed for a bit as I had a headache.

The rest of the afternoon I prepared some pog images for tomorrow's website update.

In the evening I watched an episode of Star Trek with Mauser and Billy, then we watched England Vs. Norway and Eurovision (at the same time). Sadly Sweden won with a song that sounds very much like typical pop tat. The best entry this year was Russian Grannies with a song that sounded like it was by the Cheeky Girls (not the lyrics though). They also baked some cakes or biscuits during their performance (well, pretended to).

The second best one I thought was Romania, who had a French Horn player with Vuvuzelas stuffed in the horn. The Moldovan entry I didn't think was musically very interesting, but it was quite a strange performance. The women dancers seemed to lay on the floor and look like they having a fit part way through the performance. And most of the other performances were pretty boring.

The UK, represented by Englebert Humperdink, didn't do very well (as usual). We were second last, only managing to beat Norway. So "we" beat Norway twice today.

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